Thursday, January 10, 2008

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies......

American voters piled onto Barack's Bandwagon in Iowa, and hopped onto Hillary's Hayride in New Hampshire.

"Change" is the buzz word, the siren call. Most in the USA are hungry and thirsty for change. All elections lead to change of one kind or another, that's their purpose. This time, in the USA, there's a particularly deep need in minds and hearts. It's not just a changing of the guard they want, it's a complete turn around, a change sufficient that they can feel good once again about their lifestyles and their country.

If you say "change" to astrologers, there's only one planet likely to come to their minds - Uranus. Pluto represents transformation, a more complex form of change, but change, pure and simple, is Uranus.

Thorough change at the presidential election would mean change of party as well as person. Of the three leading Democrats, Clinton, Edwards and Obama, two have Uranus in a strong position in their natal charts. If birth times commonly used are correct, Obama has Uranus at midheaven - the place of limelight, career, public standing and status. One could say that his career is symbolised by change and the unexpected. Edwards has Uranus within 4 degrees of his ascendant, another very strong position and indicative that the need for change is in his blood. Hillary Clinton's natal Uranus is in 8th house if is the correct birth time, Uranus is less prominent. Whether a strongly placed Uranus will be of help in this race remains to be seen.

See all charts at Astrofuturetrends.

I have a somewhat forlorn hope that John Edwards will see his own surge later in the presidential campaign. Here's a thought: if at some point he decides to abandon the race (he says he will not do so), most of his supporters' votes would likely go to Obama, pushing him well ahead of Clinton. There's time for all kinds of unexpected events and upsets to occur.

I admire Obama, yet somehow I still can't see him as president, at least not this time around. From very early in the campaign I've felt the same. On reading John Townley's thoughts about the election, in his article "2008 Primaries & Beyond: Composites and the Candidates" I believe I found some corroboration for those intuitive feelings. I'm not often right about such things though, I tend to look too far ahead and miss what's right in front of me.

By November, the scene we have before us now will almost certainly be long forgotten. It would be a brave astrologer who'd predict anything at all at this stage. Pollsters have egg on their faces already, let's hope that astrologers don't suffer the same embarrassment. Most clear predictions I've noticed are in Ms Clinton's favour.

When I watched Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton give their speeches after the New Hampshire primary, they all seemed very pleasant, decent people, even the two Republicans about whom I'd previously been very wary. When these people momentarily drop their professional masks, most become unexpectedly likeable. Or maybe I was just feeling shell-shocked and fuzzy-headed, suffering from election fever.

For the next 10 months we shall watch the electoral show, savour the prat falls and welcome the triumphs. It's a real, real-life reality show! And as long as a Democrat, any Democrat, wins in November, I'll be confident that all is not lost for the USA, and the country will have a chance to emerge as a butterfly from today's ugly cocoon.


R J Adams said...

Sadly, I see no Swallowtails, Red Admirals, Painted Ladies (not even Hillary!) or Monarchs amongst our present crop of political caterpillars. In fact, through RJ's telescope, nary a single lowly Tiger Moth flutters hopefully on the presidential horizon.

Twilight said...

Oh dear!

Perhaps your telescope is a little cloudy, or the horizon a little misty yet, RJ.

I'm hoping that the USA itself will find its wings again, even if falteringly at first. The new president may remain earthbound, but the spirit of the population could still feel freed from current bonds.

R J Adams said...

I can only say such optimism deserves to be rewarded.